Sharing the Message

Dale Engle October 23, 2016

Sharing the Message

Sharing the Message

Acts 2:14-41 and 3:17-26

  1. The Message is about the  prophesied Messiah.
  2. This Messiah  has been part of God’s plan from the beginning.
  3. God planned to provide evidence.
  4. 4.Jesus is both Lord and Messiah.
  5. We are guilty and deserving of God’s judgment.
  6. Repent and turn to God.
  7. God wants to bless every person He has created.

Now about Sharing the Message

  1. The testimony of a team.
  2. Share the Gospel in a way people can understand.
  3. My personal experience.
  4. Whatever it takes to communicate God’s truth!

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